We Believe in One God Who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

That the Bible is His Word to us,

That the Son (Jesus) became human to save us by His

   death for our sins and His physical resurrection,

That we can be forgiven and righteous with God by faith

   alone in what the Son did for us,

That we who are forgiven and righteous with God are

   secured for all time by God’s faithful work in us,

That we who are forgiven and righteous with God are to

   love one another as Christ loved us,

That we are to live by God’s grace as we walk by faith in

   His promises,

That we are to share with others what Jesus Christ has

   done that they too might be forgiven,

That Jesus Christ will return for those who have believed

   and snatch us up to be with Him,

That God will judge those who have not believed in Jesus

   Christ and what He did upon the cross.

At First Baptist Church, we want to encourage one another in our Christian lives by fellowship, by words of encouragement, by example, by help, by care and by teaching of God’s Word. Church is about God and His people.

We meet on Sundays at 9:30 for Bible classes; 
11:00 for the whole family; and 1:30 pm for a Bible Study
We presently meet for Bible Study and fellowship on Tuesday mornings; Wednesday and Thursday evenings. 
    For times and locations contact us at 346-2454.
OF ROYAL CITY            300 Grape Dr NW

Click here to listen to some Bible teaching from First Baptist Church of Royal City.